Dunwich, Gerina. Wicca Craft: The Modern Witch's Book of Herbs, Magick, and Dreams. (New York: Carol Publishing Group, 1993). 195 p. Index. Bibliography. List of sources.
ISBN: 0806512385

Though it includes a good basic introduction to the principles of Saxon/Gardenerian Wicca, this is primarily a sourcebook. For those who use prewritten rituals, there are detailed scripts for all the major Sabbats, a rite of Hecate, a (New Age) Third Eye ritual, and Handfasting. A number of standard spells, charms, etc., are also collected here; but the majority of the book consists of lists. Herbal section gives basic deity and zodiacal correspondences, healing uses-- not as good as Cunningham. Recipes for incenses and oils; less comprehensive than the Victorian Grimoire but with those most often called for. A good source for tree lore, usages, correspondences, and some spells. See Ravenwolf for better material on dreams. Of interest, though probably out of date, is the list of Wiccan periodicals. Basically, this a good, cheap handlist of resources.

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