Dunwich, Gerina. The Wicca Garden; A Modern Witch's Book of Magickal & Enchanted Herbs & Plants. (New York : Carol Publishing Group/Citadel Press, 1996). 196 p. Index. List of resources. Bibliography. Glossary.
ISBN: 0-8065-1777-8

Gerina Dunwich's forte' as an author is the making of lists. This volume is an excellent example. There are lists of magickal herbs, faerie-related herbs, herbs for various sabbats, mind-altering plants, herbs sacred to particular deities, divinitory herbs, medicinal plants, dangerous plants, and herb-related omens and superstitions. There's also a chapter on the famed mandrake plant.
The material on each plant and its use in the lists is much more detailed than that given by Cunningham (Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs), and well-researched. It's still very basic, and all too often the author simply lists herbal names. On the other hand, the chapters on mind-altering plants and dangerous plants contain material not available in other sources.
This volume is a serious, if somewhat plodding, reference work for the serious magickal herbalist, one who is already familiar with herb gardening, herbal basics, medicinal herbal use, and standard magickal practice. It is directed especially toward traditional Wiccans and those who use a variety of deities in their workings. It supplements, and for some people will supplant, Cunningham's Encyclopedia, but should be used in conjunction with other herbal works, especially Cunningham's Magickal Herbalism and Ravenwolf's work with Pow-wow herbalism (Hexcraft).

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