Budapest, Zsuzsanna. The Goddess in the Office: a personal energy guide for the spiritual warrior at work. (New York: HarperSanFrancisco, 1993) bib. ill. 148 p.
ISBN: 0-06-250087-2

Ready to take your paganism into work and apply it in practical ways? This is the book for you.

This is one book you're more likely to find in the Self-Help or Women's Studies sections than the pagan/New Age area-- for good reason. Budapest is a traditionally trained Hungarian witch who also helped found feminist/Dianic Wicca. Reading Budapest is like getting personal advice from a favorite, if somewhat odd, Hungarian Auntie Mame-- with an attitude.

After a brief introduction to the concept of the Wild Woman in all of us, the book is organized into chapters for the days of the week. In each chapter, Budapest discusses the type of energy of the day, the historical meaning of the day, appropriate goddesses, scents, gems, and colors. There are things to focus on for each day, too: grounding yourself, making those around you feel loved, etc. Spells appropriate to the 'purpose' of the day are given, followed by a meditation.

The pithy recommendations cover the gamut of workplace subjects, from drawing business in and getting grants to eating lunch and relaxing when you get home. Just browsing through the book will expand your ideas about ritual and meditative elements: when to use the color teal green, what Bach flower remedies to use for stress, what goddess to call on for labor negotiations, how to hex your computer into behaving. (Of special interest: spells against sexual harassment and against corporate takeover.) None of this is really new, but Budapest has taken sound ritual and psychological theory and applied it to a situation most of us face-- going to work.

Budapest is an old-style feminist, so there are some twinges of female chauvenism. The book is focused on women's needs. On the other hand, men can also benefit from browsing through this book if they have a reasonable tolerance for feminist bias.

Though the book can be read straight through-- it's short and very readable-- it lends itself to browsing and reference as well. I recommend The Goddess in the Office to anyone who is interested in using pagan spirituality and/or magick into their lives and into their workplaces. It would make a great graduation gift for the newly employed, or even (with its colorful cover) a subtle way to come out of the broom closet at work.

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