Budapest, Zsuzsanna. The Goddess in the Bedroom: A passionate woman's guide to celebrating sexuality every night of the week. (San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1995) 154 p. Resource list.
ISBN: 0-06-251186-6

Finished giggling? Good, because this book of folkmagic is more than just a collection of "Cosmo" sex spells. Budapest makes recommendations for every night of the week, encompassing the sensual as well at the sexual-- sleep, relaxation, illness, power, relationships, body care. For each night, Budapest recommends the energy, the meaning, the goddess, atmosphere, Bach flower remedy, bath (with meditation), spells, pillow talk (what to suggest to your lover), positions/techniques (including Solo Sex) and a "bedtime story" of myth or legend.

Budapest's sources are folk magic, voodoo, feminist wicca, traditional paganism, and just a hint of psychology. Admittedly, the writing is aimed at the NewAge Cosmo crowd, but if you can stomach taking sex advice from someone who sounds like an ethnic aunt but can't use the word 'masturbate' (she substitutes 'feminate', which at least sounds less awkward when pronounced!), there's some good advice and magic.

Especially useful are spells to 'divorce' a lover, to fall out of love, for dealing with death (yes, people die in bed, too), to help painful separations, and to stimulate compassion. Indications for scents, colors, and meditations -- nobody but Z. tells you when to use peach-colored candles -- add value. Especially indicated for those times when you suddenly discover you've 'lost touch' with your sensual side, even though it is a little wiftyfarkle...

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