Ardinger, Barbara. A Woman's Book of Rituals and Celebrations. (San Rafael, CA: New World Library, 1995) Rev. ed. Bibliography. List of resources. Discography.
ISBN: 1-880032-57-0

This excellent work focuses on Goddess worship and ecofeminism, but it is an enlightening text for both sexes on Neopagan spiritual practice.

Unlike most modern neopagan texts, this work focuses on spirtuality and spiritual practice, and on 'unencumbered' personal ritual as a focus for spirituality. Of special interest are mentions of invoking 'found goddesses' and suggestions on creating/decorating altars; an excellent solitary full moon/drawing down the moon ritual, and a ritual of personal power. Also included are suggestions for celebrating the eight Sabbats, and descriptions of modern Goddess religion practice.

There is a bibliography of works on women's religion, witchcraft, women's history, and goddess religion, as well as an appendix with suggestions for making music in ritual, a list of 'resources,' and a discography of albums that may be useful in ritual. Check out the 'Wheel of the Year' chart on page 135, which links the year wheel with the moon cycle.

Because the book does descend into feminist dogma and Christian bashing from time to time, it's not a very good work for the utter neophyte. However, I would consider it a 100-level text, to be read in conjunction with works like To Stir a Magic Cauldron and Dancing Up the Moon. If you're seeking to expand your knowledge of the basics of Wicca and earth feminism, and of the theology and practice, this is an excellent work.

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