Who I Am

Aunt Bunny

If you're going to take my advice on books, you might want to know a little bit about me and my beliefs. So:

If my tradition had a name, I would call it Farmwife white witchcraft. It leans heavily on the traditions of the 'white witch' of Christian times, who used her charms, amulets, and medicinal herbs to help her neighbors. I am not ashamed of being white or European, and I have no great prejudice against Christianity, though I no longer belong to it. I am 'folk as live in Housen', farm stock, and I feel a special connection to agriculture, though I enjoy the wild as well. I am especially influenced by the cults of the Earth Mother(s): Demeter, Ceres, Moist Mother Earth, the Corn Mother, etc.

J. Heise, 1998.