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Jadwiga's class handouts (from classes for various SCA groups)

Meridies Herbal Guild Bibliography of Herbals.
Taken from guild contributions and postings to SCA-Herbalist.
Anglo-Saxon Plant Names Survey:
List of Anglo-Saxon plant names, with Latin/Anglo-Saxon name associuations database, bibliography of related works, bibliography on Anglo-Saxon history
Bonnefort Cloister Gardens:
 Description of a garden in the Cloisters, with list of plants
 The home of the online version of Mrs. Grieve's Modern Herbal , a very dense if not userfriendly work. Also includes some really odd herbalism material of the alternate healing variety. One good short article, How to make incense
Chelsea Physic Garden:
 Founded in 1673
Cushing Library holdings
Images from herbals held at the Cushing Library at Texas A&M.
Down on the Farm:
transcriptions of some agricultural treatises and an article about the medieval agricultural year
The Art of Botanical Illustration:
An exhibit at the University of Delaware Libraries.
 Flora Danica:
Online version of a color herbal/plant encyclopedia of Denmark, published 1752.
Flowers for an Elizabethan garden:
A database of flowers probably appropriate for an Elizabethan garden, plus three short articles on garden history.
Food Timeline
What was imported when?
Gardening and Herbal Arts links
Collected by the Atlantian Minister of Arts and Sciences
Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages:
Listings for a wide variety of spices, including constitutients, use, names and some history
Glossary of Archaic Chemical Terms:
Herbs & Herb Gardening: An annotated bibliography and resource guide
Compiled by the National Library of Agriculture. Annotations/descriptions given for each book.
Herbs for Beauty
Most of this material is NOT medieval/Renaissance, but there are a few citations to the historic sources.
History of Gardening : A timeline from ancient times to 2000
Timeline with useful information about publications and sometimes events.
History of Western Biomedicine
Links collected by the Karolinska Institutet (Swedish medical university). More links on the History of Biomedicine are at:
An Illustrated Herbal
Information taken from a number of sources, not all reliable, but an interesting overview. Recommended by Librarian's Index to the Internet.
La Belle Compaigne's Gardens listing
A listing of plants cultivated for food, medicine, and other helpful applications.
Medieval Gardens Bibliography
An extensive listing of gardening and garden-related texts both period and modern, divided into sections by type.
Medieval Medicine
Essays on medieval medicine by  Magdalena Krzywicka
Mostly Medieval: Medicine
Information about medieval medicine that is relatively accurate. Includes lists of medicinal plants, medical texts, and the Compendium of Medicine by Gilbertus Anglicus (a period work)
Anneliese's Natural Dyeing page,
including information on basic natural dyeing, dyeing with children, and growing a dyeplants garden.
An Outline of The History of Herbalism An Overview and Literature Resource List
By Christopher Hobbes. Posted to the HealthWorld website. Useful not only for the factoids the outline contains but for the review of different sources.
Penn State's Medieval Garden
Articles and pictures from the Center for Medieval Studies
Plants, Herbs and Oils throughout history
Includes information on (primarily ritual/magical) historical uses of a number of plants and herbs, both European and non. Nice illustrations.
Salats, by Cindy Renfrow
The author of Take a thousand eggs or more talks about period salads and includes culinary gleanings from Gerard's Herbal :
Southwest school of Botanical Medicine/Michael Moore:
Images of medicinal plants along with handbooks from the school.
Spice and Herb Encyclopedia
Brief descriptions of some basic spices and herbs. Not as good as Gerard Katzer's pages.
University of Washington Medicinal Herb Garden
Access pictures of the herbs by Latin & common names, as well a virtual 'tour' of the garden.
UCLA Folk Medicine Database:
A compilation of modern folk remedies recorded by ethnographers.
USDA Plants Database:
This site, from the US Dept. of Agriculture, may prove useful for quick lookups of herbs and some spices. Not only does it give scientific names for common names, but it includes information on 'U.S. Nativity' (that is, is it native to the U.S.) that may be useful to us, and whether it is a periennial, biennial, annual etc., distribution of the plants, growth  habit, sometimes images and links.

History of Medicine resources


A site on aromatherapy with a selection of Essential Oils Profiles (with safety and use data) and articles on aromatherapy topics, blending, oil selection and storage, etc.
Perfumes for the Period Scent
From the Costumers Manifesto site. A vastly oversimplified history of perfume but a good starting point.
A View of the World of Perfume: History of Perfume
A class project, but it includes a thumbnail sketch of perfume history
History of Fragrance, from the Aromatherapy section of HealthWorld
A much more detailed and reliable history. Covers ancient and oriental uses as well as western ones. From a book by Kathi Keville and Mindy Green.
The Good Scents Company perfuming pages
Includes information on various absolutes, essential oils, fragrances, extracts, etc. (scroll down left frame), as well as safety material, book references, conversion tables etc.

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