Parsley Sauce

From Rumpolt:
"9. Sauce of green parsley made/ with toasted bread and vinegar ground together/pepper and salt it a little/ so it becomes good and well tasting."

1 loaf white bread
6-8 bunches parsley
Cider or

  1. Toast the bread until crisp but not too brown
  2. Rinse the Parsley
  3. Clip the Parsley leaves from their stems
  4. Run the leaves through the food processor until they are a green mush
  5. Grind toasted bread to crumbs
  6. mix bread crumbs with vinegar
  7. mix vinegar-crumb mix with parsley
  8. add pepper and salt
  9. add vinegar and food process to make it smooth
  10. Before serving you may need to add vinegar

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