Jadwiga Zajaczkowa's version of

"How to Make Comfits"

Comfits are sugar-coated things-- usually seeds-- that were used in period as breath mints and digestives. Comfits can be made with seeds such as anise, fennel, coriander, caraway, and others (See the section of Rumpolt's Ein New Kochbuch, c. 1581 that Mistress Gwen has translated, at http://clem.mscd.edu/~grasse/GK_zucker1.htm ) You can also make candied citrus peels and candied ginger, and they are sometimes called comfits, or, if moist, suckets.
There are directions in Rumpolt, but the syrup method is the one I use. (I learned it from a web page by Hauviette d' Anjou)

Comfit directions:

The comfits will be somewhat ragged and grayish-- color will improve if you let them sit in an open bowl overnight.

More info on comfits: