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Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, a forteenth-century Polish woman, is the Society for Creative Anachronism persona of Jennifer Heise.
About my name saint:
  1. Blessed Queen Jadwiga of Wawel (A tale told in a medieval persona)
  2. The Union of Jadwiga and Jagiello.

Medieval Poland and Eastern Europe


The Eggs projects:

Some Hair Care Recipes (which I collected for Mistress Murielle)

My Cooking stuff

Historical Research in the Modern Library
The handout for a class I taught at EKU in Rusted Woodlands
Index pages on Medieval History
A resource for finding stuff on the web using web directories
Dayboards and Sideboards: theory and practice
A lecture/discussion class handout, with sample menus, budgets and recipes.
Introduction to Medieval Poland
The very basic handout I use for my short class on medieval Culture
Food and Drink of Eastern Europe: Primarily Poland and Rus
The second draft of a handout for a class on food
Herbs of Eastern Europe (Known in the Medieval and Renaissance Periods)
An outline of what information I could find in English about the use of herbs and spices in Poland, Hungary and Russia before 1650.
So this is Your First Event?
A handout I created for Krakow Festivities. Changes to come.

Polish Links:
Slavic Links

Polish history info excerpted from the Library of Congress Country Study.

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